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for collaborative robots
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Neural Network v2

We brought eyes and brains to robots

For us, industry 4.0. is the place where human and robot are collaborating.
We have opened the field of adaptability and flexiblity


Industrial Robotics

Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)
- Only by hand gesture -

Day after day, workers on production lines are envolved in  repetitive tasks and have to maintain their perfomances under a saturation of their cognitions (noises exposure, visual fatigue, temperature resistance, muscle strain).

Our robots are here to provide a support to the human operators in order to be recentered to higher task such as quality management, flux of production, high skill monitoring high speed process.
The Cog.Engines technology allows to reduce the time of changeover between series, and is inclusive with non-digitized people .

Our technology is oriented #no code for operator

Our proprietary AI is inspired by the animal brain

Neurosciences describe several memories in the animal brain in order to allow knowledge to be consolidated. We rely on an episodic memory and a semantic memory to achieve this purpose.

For example, a dog observes a situation, ans its brain will performe abstraction to simplify what it sees. Its next action is decided based on its previous experiences. The commitment to make a quick decision with quite predictible results is becoming a learning experience that has been beneficial in the past.

Our AI is connected to thousands of digital signals. It observes the informatio supplied, and reproduces behaviors when its system considers that this action is rewarding. This reward was distributed by a human agent during the learning process for supporting crystallizing of the memory. The learning process takes place in a few minutes.

Our #AI is trusted, as far as its behavior is predictable and repeatable over time. The applications of our #AI are varied and probably limitless.

Notre technologie d'IA intuitives pour l'industrie et la santé


Our cognitive I.A. are applicable to multiple domains: production, services, user interfaces. Wherever real-time learning and adaptation is required


Our solution is multi-platform, you can integrate it in a PC, an Android tablet, a mobile phone, and even a 32bit microcontroller


Our algorithm can work without an internet connection or remote server. It allows you to keep your corporate data confidential, while benefiting from cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology

We are high skilled team with various experiences in the industry.


Sébastien LISSARRE

CEO / CTO – Expert #IA
Engineer specialized in Electronics and Radio-frequency

Ulysse Michon


COO / Strategic Partnership
MBA in Finance & cost control management
Engineer in Physics



Project engineer in Robotic & Dev #IA
Engineer specialized in robotic and computer science


Martin Devreese

Projet engineer in Dev #Vision
Engineer spezialized in cognitive science and computer science

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