CogNITIVE Engines

Artificial Intelligences
for collaborative robots in the
industrial and the healthcare sectors


We brought eyes and brains to robots

For us, industry 4.0. is where humans and robots collaborate.
We have opened the field of adaptability and flexiblity


Industrial Cobotics

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) Only by the gesture​

Day after day, workers on production lines are involved in repetitive tasks and must maintain their performances under congition saturation (noise exposure, visual fatigue, temperature resistance, muscle strain), which can prove to be physically challenging.

Our robots provide support for humans, allowing them to focus on tasks such as quality management, flow production, or high-skill monitoring.
The Cog.Engines technology allows to reduce changeover time between series, and makes possible to involve non-digitised employees in the production process.

Artificial Intelligence CogEngines

A reward-based learning process

Our AI technology mimics how the brain's episodic and semantic memory works.

Connected to thousands of digital signals, it observes what is presented to it and reproduces the designated behaviour. A system of gratification leads to the crystallisation in the memory of the elements that have significantly influenced the action. In a few gratifications, the learning is finalised.

The learned elements form a sequence of predictable and repeatable actions over time.

Our AI is open to a wide range of applications.
If you want to explore a use case, or directly add a system capable of learning in real time within your process, we support you in your project with our Research Tax Credit (CIR), granted by the French Ministry of Research.


Our intuitive AI technology for the industrial and healthcare sectors


Cognitive engines can be applied to multiple domains: production, services, and user interfaces. Wherever real-time learning and adaptation are required.


We bring a multi-platform solution : you can integrate it into a PC, an Android tablet, a cell phone, and even a 32bit microcontroller.


Our algorithm can work without an internet connection or remote server. It allows you to keep your corporate data confidential, whilst benefiting from advanced artificial intelligence technology.

The Cognitive Engines team

A team of multidisciplinary engineers specialised in their fields.


Sébastien LISSARRE

CEO / CTO - Expert #IA
Engineer specialised in electronics and radio-frenquencies


Ulysse Michon


COO / Strategy for Partnerships
MBA in Finance and control Management, IAE Bordeaux
Engineer in Physics Polytech'Orleans



Project engineer in Robotics & Dev. #IA
Engineer in computer science and robotics, CESI


Martin Devreese

Project engineer for Dev. #Vision
Engineer in cognitive science & computer science, ENSC

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