Cognitive Engines

Artificial intelligence for video games

and industrial cobotics

About us

Founded in 2018, Cognitive Engines is built on proprietary artificial intelligence technology.

We provide companies with a catalog of intuitive AIs adapted to their needs; they can be integrated into industrial machines or into video game characters.

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Video game studios

A learning algorithm based on the functioning of the of the brain

Each character in our catalog is equipped with our AI technology that mimics the brain's episodic and semantic memory.

By selecting one of the basic behaviors from our catalog, game studio developers can configure them according to their needs and then upload them directly into their video games. In this way, the development time of each character is reduced, as well as the associated costs, and each character has real memory and interaction capabilities.

Industrial Cobotics

Our technology can interface with industrial robots to interact with the operator

Every day, operators on production lines perform repetitive tasks that are sometimes hard on the human body. Robots equipped with our software can intervene as physical support for these operators, to reduce the physical difficulty of certain tasks (heavy loads, chemical risks).

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Our technology


Cognitive engines apply to multiple domains to multiple domains: production, services, user interfaces. Wherever learning and real-time adaptation is needed in real time


Our solution is multi-platform, you can integrate it into a PC, an Android tablet, a cell phone, and even a 32bit microcontroller


Our algorithm can work without an internet connection or or remote server. It allows you to to keep your corporate data confidential, while confidential, while benefiting from while benefiting from cutting-edge technology in artificial intelligence

Our team

A team of multidisciplinary engineers specialized in their fields

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Camille Beaumian

UX & Gaming Expertise

Engineer ENSC

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Sébastien Lissarre

AI & cobotics expertise



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Ulysse Michon

Business strategy

Engineer in Physics /

Master 2 Finance


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